Area Manager for Leeds

Originally inspired by family friends and their loved ones with learning difficulties, I have now been working in adult social care since I was 20 years old. I have always recognised the positives in people with learning disabilities and know them to have unique talents and skills as well as the ability to make positive contributions to the lives of others.

I joined ubu in January 2015 after working in the charitable sector for 18 years.  I immediately connected with ubu’s mission ‘Treat a person as they are and they will remain the same. Treat somebody as they could be and they become that person’. It sounds so simple but it is not so easily practiced.  Many organisations and members of society see a label and that label becomes the person. It is never challenged or questioned, just taken as read, to be worked around and the person simply just managed. 

At ubu those labels are challenged and the people we serve are helped to realise their potential and become the person they want to be.  We do not view people as risky; rather that poor support and a lack of understanding and compassion are the risks, and at ubu we know this and constantly challenge ourselves and our support processes to deliver better outcomes.