Clinical Lead Specialist Manager

Change and innovation is often challenging. We've all had to face these experiences during our lives, whether it means making changes to our daily routine or being a part of events that shift the way we understand the world.  But it is precisely these things that make my job in ubu as amazing as it is.

As a Registered Nurse, trainer and facilitator, I am a committed Lifelong Learning Champion. I work with our Enabling team members to teach, train and mentor at all levels of experience and competence within ubu. We are committed to personalising and tailoring the support we offer to the people we serve. I specialise in the assessment of people with complex needs who are new to our service, developing individualised support plans as well as coaching and empowering ubu staff to fulfil our promise to do what we say we will.  I also work alongside existing teams to support them and through them the people we serve for any changing needs and to help facilitate this I also lead of team of clinical experts which specialise in providing focused intensive support.