Employment Welfare Manager

I have worked for ubu for a number of years and love the variety of work that my role includes. No two days are ever the same. My role can be challenging at times and has on many occasions taken me out of my comfort zone. These experiences have really helped me to develop my skills as a manager and build on my knowledge of a wide range of employment matters. 

ubu is a unique and forward-thinking organisation. ubu is a pioneer in care support, with a vision that places it at the forefront of its sector. Great teamwork and honesty are two of the values held by ubu that immediately spring to my mind. The environment we operate in is facing uncertain times with many challenges – ubu embraces this and is constantly seeking new and improved ways of working together as one team.  Our staff are being trained and developed in all aspects of their roles to meet the future needs of the people we serve. I really value the learning and growing development I receive and find it very rewarding. ubu’s work is extremely meaningful and I feel proud to be a part of it.