Specialist Manager

During the 16 years I have worked for ubu I have been given the opportunity to grow and progress within the organisation and they are continually investing in me. I first started as an enabler working 10 hrs per week on W/N, then progressing to management which has given me the opportunity to make more of a difference.

I love working at ubu because of the openness and honesty, the values of the organisation and the fact that ubu is always transforming and moving forward. There is plenty of investment in tem members.

Even when things might be difficult ubu has supported me.  I remember my interview with the people we serve back in 1998 in Wigan. I was going into the unknown, never having worked with people with disabilities before and not knowing what to expect. Since then I have developed the qualities that an enabler needs in this job such as passion, drive and the ability to both teach and learn (listening skills)!

I love working with the people we support and that is the main reason why I am here. But also the diversity of people within the job; if you are ever feeling lost or stressed you can guarantee it will be the people you are supporting that bring you back to earth and keep you smiling!