Regional Development Manager for the East Midlands

I chose to work for ubu because the ethos and values I discovered here met and exceeded my own. I was inspired to want to ensure that everyone we serve as an organisation is rightfully and fully treated as an equal citizen in our society.

ubu believes that everyone should be enabled to achieve their goals in all areas of their life. I have learned to put this vision into practice by understanding that it is vital to respect a person’s need to work and grow at their own pace.  By doing this we can enable each individual we serve to meet and achieve their personal aspirations. All the while we work alongside people to encourage each individual to grow and develop, to see a way forward and identify how to get to there.  One of the most important aspects of our role is to ensure that we are able to do this safely, meeting key steps along the way and acknowledging and celebrating each success as the person achieves it. 

I have never accepted a “can’t do that” approach. I believe that there is a far better way, more a case of seeing and alternative approach “what do we need in order to find a way around this.”