Area Manager for Leeds

I have worked for ubu for over 6 years since leaving university. I had studied Sports Development as this was and continues to be a big passion of mine. Using the experience and skills I had gained, I began to work with adults who have a learning disability and physical needs. I provided sport sessions for the people I supported that were designed and adapted to meet their needs.

On leaving university I took an opportunity to work with ubu at first in a 'bank' team member role. I founf the enabling work I was doing really fulfilling. I had the opportunity to work with such a diverse range of people, and I felt like this was a challenge that I could really enjoy. I applied to become a full-time ubu Team member. Enabler Plus was my first role in health and social care. I have developed since then, thanks to the huge range of Learning and Growing opportunities and experience I've had in ubu, so that I can be effective in the role of Area Manager. I feel that the vision, mission and philosophy give us, as a service providing care and enabling to vulnerable people, a clear focus to achieve outcomes. We ensure that the people we serve are moving forward to have real opportunities to find meaningful places in society.