Area Manager for Wigan, Manchester and Trafford

I have been employed in Health and Social care for most of my working life. I began as nurse for people with learning disabilities before I joined ubu in 2009 as an Enabler. Now I’m an Area Manager, a role I have been supported to progress to.

It didn’t take me long to realise that ubu is a very different kind of care provider to the ones I had experienced in the past. ubu not only enables the people we serve to live their lives in the way they choose, but also makes sure that its team members are helped and mentored to develop and grow following their own pathway too.

In my experience, ubu is committed to doing exactly what it says it will. I found that this has never been a hollow statement, it’s much more than words. Everyone in ubu works with incredible dedication to ensure that the people we serve have the very best enabling support to enjoy their lives and achieve their goals and dreams. I’m very proud to work for ubu and be part of one amazing and effective team.