Regional Development Manager for the North West

I have had the privilege of working for ubu for over 19 years during which time I have had the opportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally. I have been very fortunate to work in a number of areas, with lots of different people and every day I learn something new and a different way to try something. Because we work with people it isn’t just a 9-5 job and no two days are the same. Seeing someone make progress, achieve a goal, feel proud of what they have done or learn something new - being part of that is such a buzz.

Expectations are nonetheless high and individuals place so much trust in us and we have to live up to their expectations and that can at times be scary. There have been many times when I have come up against something that I have never experienced before or just feel that I will not be able to resolve something, but there is always someone else around who I can talk to or bounce ideas off or ask for help.

The best thing about ubu is the team and the challenge of what we do. The most important quality when being an enabler plus is to be very flexible and not set in your ways. What the people we serve wanted last year could be very different this year so you have to be prepared to change and try other things.

ubu has always been compassionate, caring and supportive. They have truly given me the opportunity to develop skills, gain qualifications, knowledge of things I would never have dreamt of learning about and enabled me to meet and work with some amazing people. I have some very good memories which have made me laugh and sometimes cry.