Registered Manager, Specialist Regional Development Manager for West Yorkshire and Children's Services

I have worked in health and social care for over 24 years. My career has enabled me to experience working for local authorities, within voluntary organisations and in the private sector. I hold a range of professional and development qualifications including management of care services, teaching and mentoring.

I have been part of our team at ubu for more than seven years and I can honestly say that there are no two days which are ever the same. There is never any chance of becoming stuck in a routine or bored here! Working for ubu does not come without its challenges of course. But without them I wouldn’t have been able to achieve the level of knowledge and understanding I have today. ubu cannot be put in a box because as a team of people working together we are always evolving and developing what we do. This makes sure that the people we serve have the very best experience with us from the moment we first meet.

It is the strength of the values and the openness of the culture we have at ubu which helps to make us who we are today. My role as an enabler is characterised by the ability to display courage, to speak honesty and to have respect for others at all times. These principles make a huge difference to the people we serve and help to make those life changing moments and experiences that make us all proud to be part of the ubu team.