Area Manager for York and Scarborough

I have worked for ubu for several years during which time they have helped me to become a better leader giving me the opportunity to develop myself professionally. The highlight is the pleasure I get from working with some fabulous colleagues and managers from all regions and, of course, the people we serve.

ubu is a very forward thinking organisation with great training programmes available to enhance the quality of support we deliver. They are always supportive of us too especially when the going can get tough. I remember an occasion when the assistive technology had failed and one of the people we serve went missing.  I was really worried and feared the worst but eventually we found her at the local hospital and she was fine. Another time one of our consumers was seriously ill and he passed away. I was worried about the team and how this would affect them but we all pull together to help each other in these sad situations.

ubu always strives to be the best at what they do with passion and dedication from all to ensure all the consumers get the quality of life they deserve. ubu are always moving forward, developing new ideas and putting these into practice.

The most important quality of an enabler plus is to have the right values and the desire to make a difference to people’s lives.  

During my time with ubu I have not only grown in confidence in my work life, but also in my personal life. I have been given the opportunity to see the people we serve become more independent and live the life they deserve.