Luis uses non-verbal means of communication and until recently relied heavily on Makaton and objects of reference to express his needs and wishes.

He decided to research new ways to expand his methods of communication as this would mean he could provide further clarity when discussing his needs and choices.

After investigating various options Luis was supported to buy an iPad and a communication app that uses pictures to convey messages. He has spent a lot of time choosing images and photos to add in to the software that will increase the ways he can use it.

At first Luis used the app to record pictures of meals and activities he particularly enjoyed so that he could display them as a quick method of communicating what he wanted. But as his ability to use the app improved he soon found he could use it to show images that express how he is feeling at any given moment.

Through use of the iPad and the communication programme Luis has gained a new level of independence and is happy that he can clearly communicate in new and effective ways.

The technology has not stopped there; he has also recently acquired a system that means he can close and open his curtains with the push of a button. This was something he had previously struggled with but now can do with ease and means he doesn’t have place as much reliance on support.

As you can imagine Luis is more than happy with his purchases and is looking forward to finding out what else he can do as he looks to a future with even greater independence.