Finding that special someone and a job are every one’s dream and I am no different, and now thanks to ubu I am well on my way to achieving both those dreams.

I have been living with schizophrenia for many years and I was struggling at home because of my behaviours which were upsetting my family and making it hard to hold down a  college place. I have always been ambitious and ubu enablers listened to me and could see my potential and helped me to achieve it. I moved into my own home, supported by ubu two years ago to live more independently.

Living alone was daunting at first, especially after spending most of my life up until then living with my family. The ubu enablers worked with me every step of the way to help me to make my new home comfortable, to feel safe and more confident about starting to live on my own.

Once I got myself set up in my new flat, I decided to get my educational goals back on track. Going to college and keeping up with the work had always been a bit hit and miss. ubu enablers helped me to apply for and then successfully get, a place at my local college where I have started studying Maths and English.

I realised from talking to other people and careers advisers that qualifications alone aren’t enough. I could see that I needed some work experience so that when I left college, hopefully with some useful qualifications to my name, I would also have something else to sing about that would make prospective employers more interested in considering me for their jobs.

I did some research and found a few places I thought had jobs I might be interested in applying for. I got some good advice about how to put together a CV for myself and how to fill out application forms for jobs.  It was a brilliant success! I sent off my CV a few times and I was invited to an interview for a job I really liked the look of. I got the job! Now with a small amount of support from the ubu enabling team I have a part time job I really like doing during my college holidays, working as a groundsperson in a churchyard.

The great thing about working alongside others people in a team is that it builds your confidence. And that’s certainly been true for me. When I first started at college I didn’t tell anyone what it was like to have my job. Now they can’t shut me up!  I like talking to other people, sharing the good experience I’ve had. It helps me to build my confidence and makes me feel great to help other people with that too.

So much so that when I met a young lady I liked I felt confident enough to introduce myself ask her out on a date.  We’re getting on fine, we really enjoy each other’s company and now we are planning our first holiday abroad together in the summer. By then I hope to have completed the college courses I have been doing and to have my maths and literacy qualifications. That will be a huge success for me, but I’m not going to stop there. Like I said I’m an ambitious person and I have already started applying for jobs at a supermarket, which would be the kind of work I would enjoy and be good at. I could talk to people all day and use all the skills I learned at college and in working part-time as part of the gardening team. It would be a dream come true for me. There are many other goals I’d like to go for in my life and so if you want to know what happens next watch this space!