When I was six years old I was in a horrible car accident. The injuries I had from the accident left me with long-term learning difficulties. It was really hard growing up with disabilities, it made me feel shy and I suppose I was a bit of a quiet person for a while. My shyness and lack of confidence slowed everything down in my life and just made everything feel worse by causing the mental and physical impairments I suffer from.

I now live a brilliant life with more independence than I have ever had, enabled by ubu. People say that I always see the positive in everything. I think that’s definitely true! Some people say I’m clever and have great dreams I want to make real. I don’t know about clever, but I do know what I’d like to do in the future!

The reason I applied for 'Britain's Got Talent' is because I want to be famous, travel the world, and be liked by everyone.

I enjoyed travelling there with my ubu enabler, Nathaniel and the journey was great to London by train. When we arrived, Security let me go to the front of the line which was really nice of them and they chatted to me for a while before leaving us to wait for my turn.

When we got in the room to audition, the judges greeted me and I said ‘hello’ to them too. I explained my talent and my choice of song which was 'Dear Darling' by Olly Murs.

Then it was my turn to do did performance. I didn't feel nervous at any time or shy, instead, I was really excited and so completely happy that I got on to the first steps of living my dream.

I sang my heart out and found it fun as it's one of the best songs ever and I love it!

Once I was done, I felt happier then I have ever felt and couldn’t wait for an answer. The two lady judges really liked it and pushed me further, encouraging me and saying “Go on Colin”.

I was really amazed how kind the BGT staff were, the judges and the other people auditioning. I had loads of fun and I am awaiting a reply to know if I made it to the next stage. This was a really good experience for me and I hope to stay at it.

I have survived my accident that happened when I was six years old. My family used to do everything for me and make sure I had everything but now ubu is giving me support to do the things that I like to do. I go to art class, music lessons and I have a job and I feel I am now a lot more independent. My parents and brothers are all happy with how brilliant my life is. I love to sing and a few years ago performing on the Britain's Got Talent show was just a dream, but now I’m a celebrity, I made that happen and it’s really a dream come true!”