ubu listen to the things that bother me, what I want to do and achieve, how I want to live, what works for me and what doesn't

Their approach...

  • is about each of us as an individual person, our needs, our goals, dreams, aspirations, family, friends and community
  • works on ‘why’ each of us do what we do and ‘how’ those supporting us can respond in a way that works for us and meets our needs
  • gives us the motivation to engage with others living within our local community leading to the building of strong relationships
  • uses methods such as education, skill development and communication enabling us to achieve as much independence as possible
  • employs Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), creates strategies such as ‘shaping’, ‘chaining’, ‘social stories’ and ‘reinforcement based practices’ to transform our behaviour and change our lives
  • looks at us as someone who is responding and reacting to things in a positive way and sees that we would benefit from change
  • understands the issues that can get in the way of us achieving our goals, dreams and aspirations and moves mountains to overcome them