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Please read the job description and person specification below

     Job Description

Open to those who have proven experience and are competent in health and social care Area Management and are wishing to develop their career by building new service and strategic developments. Able to demonstrate an evidenced history of progressive organisational, leadership, management and clinical skills in managing a number of locations and front-line Service Managers.

In line with ubu’s strategic intent, direct the operational and development activities for a specific geographical Region:


  • Establishing and communicating the regions’ overall direction and strategic initiative

  • Overseeing the implementation of policies, procedures and projects

  • Progressing and leading the reconfiguration and development of new supports where required, to meet changing needs of those currently served by ubu and people who have been recently referred to receive support


Leading, managing, developing and mentoring Area Managers within the region to:

  • Take responsibility for evaluating current and proposed delivery of services, systems and procedures, determining and implementing identified changes as necessary

  • Use corrective and effective methods of performance management both at individual, team level and from an Area and Regional budget perspective. Implement plans in a timely manner to ensure that any identified performance issues are rectified and dealt with appropriately

  • Motivate and enable all teams and individuals to gain empowerment to successfully deliver the organizations’ Vision, Values and business plans

Respecting the people we serve, their families and friends and all colleagues at all times the purpose of this role is to:

  • Develop and embed ubu’s business plan, key performance indicators, Regional, Area and Service business plans and goals for growth, maximising potential within the Region through effective use/analysis of market intelligence

  • Lead and Manage through a ‘servant leadership’ pro-active approach, teaching and mentoring in a focused, resilient and sustainable manner.

  • Responsible for delivering agreed budgets. Managing and reviewing the regions performance to ensure realistic budgeting, and to maintain continued control of expenditure. Meet the agreed financial forecasts as well as ensuring full provision of regulatory compliance, complete contractual fulfillment and adherence to all internal company policies. To plan and prepare the Region for any unforeseen eventualities

  • Deliver consistently our ‘Person-Led’ care and support service to a wide range of vulnerable people using our ways of working in both existing and new services


Lead and manage a team of Area Managers to ensure that the business goals of ubu are delivered to provide a bespoke ‘person-led’ service to everyone within a nominated geographical area


  • Network and create positive Regional market intelligence, relationships and opportunities

  • Drive Regional communications and the roll out and feedback including other key information, through regular meetings, team briefs and creating reflective stories. Cascade communications to ensure that everyone supported by ubu, their families, team members and Managers are kept fully informed of all operational and organisational developments

  • Teach, assist and advise teams on appropriate regulatory response, problem solving, training, coaching and auditing

  • Lead the Region in delivering performance and team development. Teach and enable all Managers to deliver maximum productivity by building highly motivated teams and individuals with effective communication methods giving consistent messages across all function

  • Identify and develop talented individuals through effective appraisals and other business opportunities

  • Effectively recruit and select highly capable individuals for management positions within the Region, ensuring induction plans are implemented to support all new Managers.

  • Actively engage and promote cross-organisational initiatives and changes. Act as a conduit to ensure that all teams and individuals are kept informed and engaged with continuous change, exchanging information and implementing best practice

  • Actively generate new referrals, managing ‘move-on’ plans and service provision effectively by working in partnership with CCG’s and Commissioning Authorities. Maintain and ensure the whole support package is designed, fully prepared and the Service ready to implement within a timely manner

  • Observe and report on new initiatives as well as innovative development trends, funding and resources within the Region

Ensuring ubu’s Quality Standards are met:


  • Continuously improving service quality and compliance adhering to ubu’s policies, procedures and standards

  • Confirming that compliance and the quality of the service provided throughout the Region meets statutory and legal requirements of CQC, Safeguarding, Employment law, the Care and Mental Capacity Acts and Health and Safety, Data Protection legislation and any specific legal requirements of the service

  • Working cooperatively and supportively with the Lead Executive Team and other Operational Managers

  • Overseeing Regional operational performance and investigate any perceived or actual weakness

  • Being active and visible as a Regional leader, providing Area Managers with clear guidance and constructive communications. Ensuring that they direct those they manage skillfully and consistently to ensure bespoke ‘person-led’ support is offered to all those ubu serves

  • Actively participating in providing a ‘Serious Unforeseen Events’ (SUE) and a Corporate on-call’ support line and services if and when required

  • Leading formal and informal meetings to support, teach and mentor Area Managers. Review with each manager their performance and developmental needs and hold all team members accountable for their actions

  • Leading and overseeing the regional employment welfare, support, appraisal and investigations

  • Measuring and reporting on outcomes/delivery achievements against ubu’s established business goals

Accountable to:

  • The leadership and management of ubu working as One Team

  • ubu’s policies and procedures

  • The people served by ubu and their families

  • Safeguarding

  • Commissioning Authorities

Reporting to:

  • Chief Operating Officer

     Person Specification

Essential Criteria

Evidences aptitude and willingness to


  • Apply the Vision, Mission and Values of ubu and implement line management direction

  • Put philosophy into practice promoting; Person-Led supports, self and others health and wellbeing, always being a positive role model/mentor while demonstrating self-discipline

  • Teach and progress abilities of Area Managers to develop; leadership and managerial skills which create and advocate leading edge, innovative supports for the people we serve

  • Able to provide demonstrable evidence of comprehensive clinical governance, adherence to ubu’s policies, procedures, Regulatory and Care Legislation

  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills displaying and promoting a positive, engaging and influential style

  • Undertake a key role in the growth and progress of ubu throughout the Region. Ensuring the regions services meet, or better still exceed, Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Continue and promote the trend for growth through creating and launching new and innovative service provision

  • Lead by example, demonstrating effective management behaviours, providing clear direction. Promoting and developing at all times, an engaged and unified team spirit with passion, commitment, enthusiasm, and drive

  • Be flexible in approach to the role while being proactive in meeting the needs of the Region

  • Work under pressure, seeks help and takes a ‘can do’ problem-solving approach

  • Competency in practice at the equivalent of degree level attainment is an essential requirement of the role to have achieve

  • Perform at all times in line with ubu’s culture and beliefs including appropriate appearance

  • Travel and overnight stays are required whenever needed

  • Explain issues affecting the role effectively and the ability to provide authoritative advice

  • No previous criminal conviction

  • Worked previously as a Regional or Operations Manager and should meet all of the essential criteria listed here



  • Demonstrates in-depth experience and knowledge relevant to the post with strategic planning and operational skill

  • Sound experience of managing multi sited services supporting vulnerable people with complex needs

  • Consistently excellent interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to communicate with a range of people, recognising their preferred method of communication

  • Management of acquiring own knowledge, skills and competencies ensuring that they are always up-to-date, well informed and professionally stable

  • Fluent report writing and numeracy skills and competent in the use of computers

  • Flexibility working across disciples, including ‘On-Call’ and other duties, as required

  • Ability and confidence to lead, manage and develop a service team in line with ubu’s ethos and culture

  • Prioritise own workload, is professional, fair and consistent in delegating to others

  • Appropriate; eye contact, positive-listening, body language, non-verbal, interpersonal skills Ability to; listen to and encourage others, develop communication and develop positive relationships skills. Respect for others, excellent interpersonal and communication skills

  • Proactive performance, demonstrating forward, scenario and disaster management planning

  • Positive understanding and attitude of equality towards vulnerable people and colleagues

  • Fully practiced and committed to, citizenship and ‘Positive Stress Support’

  • Proactively deal with stress/pressure in self, and seek guidance and support when needed

  • Desire and commitment to own ongoing development and career

  • Knowledge and understanding of what the role entails and well prepared for interview

  • Understands what ubu all is about and the services it offers

  • Positive references

  • No undeclared criminal convictions

  • Car driver with full clean driving license, car, business use insurance

  • Relevant professional training and qualifications within a Health and social care setting

  • Award in Education and Training (AET), MAPA and IOSH trained all mandatory and management training

  • Committed to covering any visible tattoos as required whilst at work

  • Physical fit and able to:

    • Physically undertake personal care

    • Support individuals in their leisure activities

    • Work on several levels throughout their shift

  • Emotionally and mentally stable to support those with

    • Complex and challenging health issues

    • Colleagues as a member of an intensive support team

All job offers made subject to

  • At interview

  1. Confirmation of candidates; application record of consecutive and complete personal and employment history and referees

  2. Clear DBS and safeguarding record

  3. Proof of ID

  4. Proof of car insurance and clean driving license

  5. Right to work documents


Receipt of 3 references within one working week of job offer from candidates

  • Previously or currently employed

  1. Current or Last non-agency employer

  2. Previous non-agency employer

  3. Character references from an established professional


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