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  • Theo Chatzakis

You don't know what you don't know

I was looking for a new hobby and a way to make friends something to fill up the evening's something I would enjoy I just didn’t know what that was, but if you don’t try something you will never know what it would be like if you will enjoy it or be any good at it.

I decided to give Jujitsu ago. At the time I started my fitness level was extremely low and honestly the warm-up alone was enough!!, but I pushed on through. I also found that I was too big to fit into the GI and for a long time I trained in joggers. I very quickly fell in love with the sport and set myself a goal of reaching my purple belt by the time I am 40.

Since starting I have lost weight and now train in the GI my fitness levels are up and I have earned 3 stripes on my white belt, I have made a lot of friends at the academy and train there 3-4 times a week.

My friend persuaded me to have a go at competing and in August this year I competed in All stars BJJ in Manchester I was so nervous before the match and came 2nd. I decided to have a go at the British opens and also booked the Lancashire opens, the week leading to the British opens I was so nervous and struggling to sleep I decided that competing might not be for me however as I had registered already and had a match booked so didn’t want to let my opponents down, I went along and did both I got a joint bronze at the British opens and won the gold in Lancashire.

At each competition, I have made friends and learns new techniques and even though I have decided that competing isn’t for me if I never gave it a go, I wouldn’t have known this. I still love Jujitsu all the friends I’ve made and will continue to work on achieving my different belts.

You are never too old to learn something new and if you don’t try you will never know so what are you going to learn or get involved in?


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