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Yoga – Good for your Body & Mind?

Day 1

Now I have done a lot of different exercise classes in my life, but Yoga is something that has never interested me as I could not see how it would benefit you. My husband on the other hand use to do Hatha Yoga twice a week for over 10 years, albeit over 7 years ago. He found it benefited his posture and helped him become more supple.

So, this Bank Holiday we thought we would have a go at a Yoga session together. We chose “Yoga with Adriene, Morning Fresh”. A gentle introduction that lasted 36 minutes. All was going well, we were doing Sun Salutations, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Downward Facing Dog and Butterfly. I drew the line at trying to get my head to touch the floor in one of the positions, at this point it seemed more like a game of Twister.

Overall, we gave it a good go and by the end of it we both felt ready to start the day, no aches or pains and no pulled muscles which was a bonus.

Day 2

My husband and I woke up and still no aches or pains. Having been used to doing new exercise classes and sometimes not being able to walk the next day I thought Yoga was still probably not going to be of benefit to me.

However, and I know you are all waiting for this, as the day progressed my body started to give me the answer that yes Yoga is good for the body! It started with my legs and then my arms and finally my stomach muscles. It was amazing to see how many muscles you do actually use whilst doing these gentle movements.

And what about my husband, the man who had done Yoga before, well………. he too felt the effect, we both spent the rest of the day walking around going oooo/ahhh every time we moved.

Will I be doing Yoga again? Most certainly, it set me up for the day, I felt relaxed and energised. It’s good to try new things.

Ann Bahado


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