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Whatever it takes

The feeling you get when your heart sinks “from Monday managers will be working from home” How, Why, No, that’s not fair What am I going to tell the staff...all thoughts going through my head. I didn’t sleep that night running over in my mind what and how I was going to inform the staff team. As it filtered through the team I didn’t get the questions that I myself had there was no whys no how’s and no that’s not fairs...

The first week was difficult, I was emotional, worried, anxious, I couldn’t sleep properly and then I realised these feelings wasn’t something that I was just feeling this was the feeling we were all feeling together. As days went by and I was using Microsoft teams, speaking , supporting, coaching, advising, guiding I realised very quickly how unwillingly I wasn’t doing this before. Don’t get me wrong I thought I did all the above but did I really? When I spoke to them did I really stop and speak to them to listen and support? Did I really coach and guide them through situations properly and to a standard that I expect? Did I check in on THEM to see how they were? Give advice or signpost? The honest answer is No I didn’t.

I was always in the middle of something, completing a form, sending an email, checking in with a quick phone call on my way to a meeting or training. I am passionate about my job and I always try to advocate the best I can for the people we serve, I know their likes/dislikes their routines and behaviours but did I really know them? The honest answer is No I didn’t.

As the days started to go by working from home I realised very very quickly who my staff team where, how they were, where they needed the support, where they needed the guidance. I noticed their moods and sensing if they felt down I was there to speak to them, I guided them, I coach them through this ever changing situation and when I speak to them I am listening.

I have never smiled so much with the people we serve, I have gotten closer to families, we have sung together, danced together, eaten cakes together and now I feel like I know who they truly are because when I speak to them I am listening. These last few weeks have made me realise how much I love my job, how amazing the staff are and most importantly how much I owe to the people we serve to ensure they have everything they need to enjoy this rollercoaster we call life!! Kate Broughton


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