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  • Dorothy

Valuing time

How often do we say or hear the phrase “I can’t believe where the time has gone” or “This year has flown by”?

Well I have recently become very aware of how often I hear people who are ill, or don’t work, especially those more mature in years, express how they wished they had something interesting and meaningful to occupy their time with. They say they want something to get involved in and to give their energy, time and experience to it in a valuable way.

This appears to be a real reflection of how life has changed so fast across the generations. It shows how our aspirations in life have moved from living in a world where work was just a place to go, to a different world, one where we want work to reflect what we do and what we are all about. The older generations seem to be striving for a greater purpose to their lives, either at work or indeed during their retirement years.

When once having a job that paid for ones chosen lifestyle right up until one retired and then living off a pension was the security goal everyone was happy to aim for, now it seems that just isn’t enough.

Being interested in what a job has to offer both to oneself and others, doing something meaningful and indeed exciting has rapidly become the panacea for living. Time has become so valuable to everyone, maybe because we have much greater and quicker access to information, entertainment, ideas and communication etc. we want more.

What has become clear is no matter how old one is, how skilled or how healthy we are, time seems to run out very fast. Every moment is precious. We need to learn how to live and enjoy every moment. We all need to learn how to value the time we have because in a moment it will have all gone.

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