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Two Blogs

One good thing to come out of lockdown,

The last few years I have really got into my fitness. I go to the gym and I also love running. I love the sense of self accomplishment I get from it when you don’t think you can do it but each time you push yourself that little bit more.

Over Christmas I was ill in hospital and then I had an operation in January.

Once I recovered, I went out for a few runs but I just completely lost my motivation for it.

But since the lockdown started I have made myself get back out there and I’ve fallen back in love with it.

I’ve got my distances back and my times.

It’s an awful time at the moment however I think that exercise can help a lot, just getting out and getting some fresh air and pushing yourself to do something.

Heather Garcia

Being employed in the pandemic

I came to England from Gambia, Africa, where I was in the military. My wife works in this field and thought I would be good at it, so I applied for ubu. It was certainly very different having an interview that was not face to face, but I found it ok.

The process was quick and easy and I found myself becoming excited.

My first day at work, I was very excited because I found what I was expecting to see. The staff I met were all very