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Two blog post

My Blog –

Never in my lifetime did I ever think I would be living through a global pandemic. The fear, the uncertainty, the loss of life, the understanding how and why this has happened. Moving forward into the unknown, not knowing when this will end. This has effected every single persons life in more ways than one.

It is truly amazing to see the country come together as a unit, working hand in hand to support each other knowing I am never alone. Standing on my door step clapping for carers and NHS workers seeing everyone showing their appreciation for frontline workers. I wear my care badge with pride!

I have had to adapt to different ways of working, different ways of supporting and different ways of loving. Some days I find easier than others; missing loved ones, general day to day responsibilities and routines.

I know this is such a difficult time for everyone but I do know there is light at the end of tunnel, knowing this will come to an end. I am looking forward to return to work to have my daily catch up with the ladies each day and supporting the staff team, meeting up with friends and family and being myself again without thinking I am responsible for everything.

Judith Mowbray


When I started my journey of the coronavirus lockdown, I did not realise how much giving cuddles/hugs to my friends, family, and grandsons I had taken for granted.

Cuddles/Hugs were at happy times, sad times, celebrating times and take away the pain times.

When I googled what are the benefits of giving and receiving cuddles/hugs it said it increases the Oxytocin (Hormone that promotes social bonding and wellbeing), but for me it is a magical moment to show how much I love and care for my friends, family and grandsons.

On 10th May discussion were held on easing the lockdown and my grandson thought everything would return to normal which would include being able to have cuddles/hugs from me and when he realised this could not happen he said he was very angry at not being able to cuddle/hug me, I explained that he should not be angry as no changes had been made to keep us all safe and we could social distance cuddles/hugs, so at this moment in time I am sending cuddles/hugs through social distancing, but I am counting the days down until I can return to physically being able to give my friends, family, and grandsons cuddles/hugs.

Jean Nicholson


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