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Towards an end to ‘Battlefield’ decision making by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

A very happy New Year To you, your family And loved ones

We’re only a couple of weeks into 2018 and already we’re hearing about a potential crisis within our National Health Services. With tens of thousands of routine operations cancelled, Trusts have struggled with a lack of beds and their Accident and Emergency Departments are over-run as the flu season hits us, an unusually forceful impact.

The newspaper headlines shout about a return to “battlefield medicine”, which basically means that the NHS is dealing with problems on the run rather than with a measured and properly planned approach. Yet those of us who work in the health and social care sector know this is unfortunately nothing new and the most likely reason why.

With cuts to funding across the NHS and local authorities over many years, 2018 will have to be the year we see real change in addressing the shortcomings in care funding for many of the most vulnerable people in our society. The only alternative is to watch the crisis deepen and cause further damage.

We have been calling for this consistently over the last few years. A Government Green Paper on the issue not due until the summer. In the meantime, ubu will continue to be looking at ways of working to ensure that the high level of support for the people we serve is always provided to the very best of our abilities.