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Top lockdown tips

My name is Louise booth I am promoting my top tips for everyone that has to stay inside during the pandemic.

The virus makes me scared and nervous and it is upsetting that I can't go out do what need to. But the worst part of it this is that loads of people are dying. I am promoting that everyone one should wear the face masks. Why? Because it keeps us safe and feeling happy as well as it protects us from this virus what's out there at the moment, it's keeps you safe which is the main priority.

Some of my tips are Teaching myself to bake has really helped I have been baking buns with colourful icing and nice big cakes has really helped. It helped me to feel calm and to take my mind off things. I would say to people go on the internet to find out new and brilliant things to bake and look back through any old cookbooks you may have. Its also helped looking back through the BBC website as they have recipes on their which are good.

Reading has been good, books such as the Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings are really great and help me a lot and word searches are good for the mind I find they keep you calm.

Exercises Yoga Zumba which can be found online yoga apps are really good too

Films some of my favourites too I love Disney film my best one is the lion king the older cartoon one is my favourite, Drawing and art can also help if you like this that’s one of my top tips even painting by numbers is great fun.

I love using my tablets to play games too such as candy crush and the frozen game which is more of a puzzle.

Say safe everyone.

Louise Booths


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