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The New Alan Titchmarsh

My name is Jonathan and I really love to garden. I heard about people in need of help with their gardens, and I offered my services. I like to help people and feel like I am making a difference in someone’s life.

I can find it hard to make new friends or meet people who don’t want to take advantage of my nature. So it was a lovely surprise to meet people with who I could talk and have a laugh in return for me helping them.

At the support where I was doing some gardening, I was shown what I needed to do and got stuck, as you see I had to dig up an area and removed it to another part of the garden. I then turned over the soil and dug up some potatoes I then re-planted bulbs for winter flowers.

The best part was being able to take the potatoes home and have them for tea.

I really enjoyed myself and I look forward to going back and helping and also seeing the flowers when they bloom.


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