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The little things in life

Three months ago I started working at ubu. I have not had the opportunity to meet the people we serve but everyday things are getting clearer as I go on.

Since I started at ubu a lot has happened in a matter of days. Everyone was doing their job with no idea that in the next five weeks the world would change. I do not want to write about the pandemic we are in now, I believe there has been more than enough comments regarding this topic. I do want to tell you my side. I was lucky to be pointed to the job of communications, I was just starting to get to know the people working at the Hub and still finding my place in the company. I was unable to work from home and had to make a few changes working from the office. As the lockdown began (in a matter of two days) we were only four in the Hub. It was quiet, strange, and in a way, peaceful. We had to do more than just our daily tasks, looking out for others, doing the things the other employees can’t do from their homes.

Finding new solutions to get all the information to the people we serve was our goal. It was explained to me that when information had to go out to the people, the regional managers would come and collect booklets containing all the information. Everyone having to work from home and not being able to come and go, plan B had to be created, it is still changing as we go on week by week. We started by post. Yes, posting all the documents, all the booklets, and all the important information that we needed to convey to the people we serve.

Every time I finished up with a batch of envelopes that needs to go out, I smiled thinking of how they got to feel when they tore open this package or the envelope waiting to see what is inside. It is a new experience, a new adventure, knowing that it is for them, just like a ripping that first present on their birthday. I know some of you reading this might think wow she is not right in her mind, it is just an envelope. Let me tell you something, the little things in life make me happy, and I feel that is what is important to the people we serve. That we are still happy and still motivated no matter what comes our way.

I would like to finish off with the next quote we should all know so well “Treat a person as they are and they will remain as they are. Treat a person as they could be and they will become as they should be.”

Kristine Notnagel



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