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The Big Election Questions

I don't know what you think about the current lengthy American Presidential campaigns. Their almost daily news reports bombard our screens, promoting their larger than life candidates and their loud views. Whilst tiresome I suppose, at the very least, their electorates will be clear what each campaign stands for.

Whereas our own various elections here in the UK many people were at a total loss as to what candidates stood for. Many voters complained that they didn't really know who and what their choices were. With such limited information available about the candidates themselves and what they stood for, making a fully informed decision is difficult.

It seems that those campaigning in the UK today are missing the point that they need to be transparent. They need to clearly inform the electorate about their views and what are their strategies and policies are in such a way everyone can understand the full picture. As voters we all need a clear and simple steer on what we are voting for.

We seriously need to know and understand how each campaign sees the world today and what each candidate believes they can achieve for us, the voters. It appears regardless of the type of election, whether it be for Local and Central Government or for Police and Crime Commissioner elections, campaigns simply haven’t connected and communicated with their electorate.

Without such clear and engaging communication about the different views and their consequences, the big question has to be for us all in the lead up to our forth coming European Referendum, how can any of us make an informed decision on such a big question? How can we ensure we understand the full implications of our vote? Where is the transparency and simple information to inform our decision?

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