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Talking to my mam in lock down

I was talking to my mam the other week, she was telling me that when you buy seaweed in an restaurant I need to check that its real and not deep fried cabbage, that’s my mam always coming out with random things. I don’t know how we got onto the topic of itchy skin, my mam asked if I still had my Aloe Vera plant which I do its not the most attractive plant we have but it doesn’t need to much attention so it suits us. We got talking about the benefits of the plant as we have always used the gel that comes out when you break the leaves for dry skin and itchy spots. You can also use the gel on your dog if they have dry/itchy skin but to make sure they cannot lick it as they will get a bad stomach.

My mam said to put the plant in the bedroom as it is good for oxygen, this made me laugh always quick to say ‘where did you get this from ‘Facebook’ my mam answer ‘I never listen, in our homes, indoor air is more and more important to be healthy’ my mam loves plants and I am sure she talks to them. So, she asked me to look into for myself, then got talking about chesses scones and pies and there is no plain flour in the shops.

So, I thought I would investigate my mam’s facts that aloe vera plants clean the air.

Well in fact, the air inside our homes is more polluted than the air outside, so it’s important to take care of it however possible. What is the best way to purify the air indoors? What we have to do to protect ourselves from toxic gases in our homes?

All we need to do is to keep houseplants that work as air purifiers in our homes which keeps us healthy. When it comes to houseplants, aloe vera comes into picture as one of the best plants to be placed indoors.

Of course yes, aloe vera plant helps to remove harmful pollutants known as VOCs from the air and takes up carbon dioxide and provides abundant oxygen back into the air around it. This is a succulent so it’s easy to maintain and doesn’t require much water as well.

The “NASA” plants offered the additional benefit of eliminating all toxic compounds or volatile organic compounds