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Sun, smiles and barbecue

It’s the Easter weekend 2019, the sun is shining, there are great big grins all around and laughter is filling the air. What else could add to this already buzzing atmosphere? Well, the people who live at a ubu service in Harrogate had a fantastic idea to host a most ‘eggcellent’ Easter barbecue party!

The British weather being like it is meant that the time frame to organise this event was limited. The People served by ubu and their enabling Team got together and planned out how to make the day fun for everyone.

In what might be thought to be a new ‘world record’, the party and all of its activities were arranged in just 3 days! The next step was to make sure friends, ubu neighbours and family were all invited.

It was soon party day and the turn-out was brilliant. More than 50 people came over to mingle, laugh, chat and of course it wouldn’t be a true party without a bit of cheeky gossip! Old friends and family caught up on news and shared what they had been up to recently. Some delicious and tantalizing barbecued food was cooked and healthy salads prepared. It got even better when the music began to play and people danced and sang along, there was entertainment for everyone.

Some people shared their recent and new found interests such as photography and thoughts about joining the local photographic society, a new feline addition to their own home and upcoming trips to be made to Edinburgh and Disneyland Paris! There also seemed to be a lot of football talent on display too as the ball whizzed across a make-do pitch on the garden lawn.

Then it was time to unveil the final surprise of the day - the great Easter egg hunt hidden around the garden for all to find and everyone involved had a great big laugh trying to!

With the sun setting and everyone truly worn out the party began drawing to a close and the guests slowly filtered out with one saying “I had no idea people lived like this in such a beautiful place, what a lovely garden, I’m really impressed, I’d love to live here too”. Everyone agreed that it had been a most magnificent party. “What a lovely day we had together. It was really nice to meet up with my friends”. The party was enjoyed by all those who took part and made it happen. “Thank you to everyone for making my Easter great, let’s do it again soon”.

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