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Summer Light Macmillan Party

Here in the East Midlands we wanted to give something back to our local community. We put our heads together and decided to host a Summer Light Macmillan Party. Sean as though it was the summer we decided to have a BBQ. We also had some cakes and we are very keen on been healthy so we had a lovely big bowl of strawberries.

We invited lots of people including families, friends and our Neighbours. Our main theme was the colour Green for the MacMillan. The house looked amazing as we made posters and decorated with lots of colourful bunting.

We had planned the event to take part outside in the sunshine. Things don’t always go to plan, once we were all sat relaxing with our tea and cakes the typical British weather came, it started raining cats and dogs.

Everyone worked together to get everything in whilst all laughing at how typical this was. After this we set the table up inside and spread everyone around the house. We had just as much fun inside. We even had to keep running outside for food!

We had a lovely afternoon getting to know our Neighbours and others from our Local community, with their help we are very pleased to say we raised £67.32!!

ubu has other MacMillan events taking place, please look at the Events page on our website.


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