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Staying sane and exercise in lockdown

We all know how important it is to exercise even if we don’t like it. For those of us that enjoyed going to the gym, now becoming a distant memory it has been difficult for us all as we have been forced to change our routines. For me the gym was not just about exercise, I must admit I enjoyed a bit of socializing, I know you’re thinking “no surely that’s not Claire Emmott talking!” But anyway this lockdown and staying motivated has been really hard for me as I’m sure it has for you. So in order to stay sane, I have had to resort to running which I don’t really like, however as I wanted to mix it up a bit I have purchased the “Les Mills” on demand which is full of a variety of gym classes on demand.

This has involved turning my front room into a makeshift studio and playing my on-demand class loud enough to motivate me. I’m not sure what the neighbours think at 5.30am with my patio doors open so I don’t get too hot, and me jumping up and down on a wood floor ushering three dogs out of the way, in fear I might jump on them! But this is not just about me is it? I thought it was important for the whole family to stay fit and healthy. Although I’m not sure if I have gone a little too far? Does making a 12-year-old go for a run each day recording it on strava? (for those of you who don’t know what this is, it records where you go and how fast you run) so I know he can’t cheat count on that? I think I might be going over the top just a bit.At the end of my working day, I enjoy going for a walk but now the dogs have started to avoid me at that time of day, I’m sure they think oh no here we go again, how far do we have to walk tonight.

But seriously, I truly believe that keeping to a routine is important to maintain our mental health and wellbeing in these difficult and uncertain times. Its essential that we ensure that the people we serve are supported to maintain their routines and find alternatives to enable each person to enjoy the things they like to do, and to stay connected with friends and family. I’m sure we have all had to be creative for ourselves so we can still feel that we can experience those things that are most important to us, whether its exercise, talking to friends, going to bingo or church, so let’s help the people we serve make it happen!

Claire Emmott


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