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Staying positive in lockdown

In our times, we are faced with an unknown situation, that of the pandemic of covid-19. We are all in fear for our lives and the lives of our loved ones. Anxiety, fear and insecurity for the future are many of the emotions that we are all experiencing. There are many negative feelings we have all experience during the lockdown, and during these difficult times, we must not allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by this negativity. On the other hand, we must try to think calmly and be optimistic.

At the beginning of March and in the very early days before the lockdown, I travelled to Greece with my entire family for 4 weeks. The plan was to visits friends and family for the first week and work remotely for the rest of the time that I would be in Greece. After the first week that I spent together with my family, I went to stay in my father’s house and the rest of the family would follow the week after. During that week, the Greek government put in place some very strict restrictions, very quickly a travel ban was in place.

This had a very positive effect in stopping the virus spreading, as Greece has less affected people or people dying from the Covid-19 than most other countries. But this also meant, that I couldn’t see my wife and young children, I was devastated. It has been almost 2 months since I have been with my family. The same awful feeling and experience of all the family members of the people we support. Sons, daughters, sisters, brothers and parents of the people we support are experiencing the same, as they are not able to be around with their loved ones.

At this difficult time, technology offers us all a solution. Video calling offered us the ability to communicate and not lose contact with our family, friends and colleagues. I wasn’t feeling alone and disconnected anymore. And in addition to the possibilities of technology, for many of us, remote working is not impossible, so it would be good to take this opportunity given to us.

The pandemic also reminds us all how important our jobs are in the social care industry, and that we can overcome all problems if we work together. We all clapped for the Carers around the world. Better times will come, we will be able to see our family and friends again. We will all get wiser after this difficult time and appreciate more simple values and not take them for granted. Being able to go for a walk to the park, visit a friend, staying safe and healthy. After a difficult experience, we won’t be the same, however we are at a new beginning, with the opportunity to build a more full and substantial life for ourselves and our loved ones with more experience, maturity and responsibility.

Theo Chatzakis


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