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Standing Up With You

I often see organisations using the word ‘quality’ to describe their services or products. Whilst I don’t doubt that many of them are delivering what they believe to be quality services, I wonder how they are quantifying this. What does quality mean to them? How do they ensure their employees and suppliers understand how to deliver this? What measures are in place to monitor their level of quality?

At ubu, we are serious about ensuring quality in everything we do. We’ve once again been successful in gaining certification in ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001. What does this mean? It means that we have achieved internationally recognised standards for quality, environmental and health and safety management. It means that we have effective systems in place to manage and monitor the quality of our services to the highest standards.

These certifications are recognised globally and are not achieved easily. Holding these highly regarded certifications shows our employees, suppliers, clients and service users that we are committed to ensuring quality and compliance throughout our entire organisation.

We are extremely proud to have gained this recognition but we continuously strive to improve and develop. Already we are working towards gaining certification to ISO27001 which is the internationally recognised standard for information and data security. Achieving this will aid us in ensuring that we meet all new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

Effective systems and processes are the basis for gaining these certifications but systems and processes only work if the people using them are fully engaged. That’s why our commitment to quality runs much deeper than just our management systems. It is evident in our values which are at the core of everything we do.

We consistently demonstrate our values in our behaviours; not just our behaviours towards the people we serve, but in our behaviours towards each other.

An example of this is our “standing up with you” philosophy. Standing up with you is not just a catchy strapline; it is representative of the support we give to the people we serve. We stand up with them, enabling them to achieve their rightful place in society as equal citizens.

To keep our standing up with you philosophy at the forefront of our minds, we demonstrate this behaviour physically, not just metaphorically, in our daily working lives. When a colleague enters the room, we stand up.

The act of standing not only shows our respect for each other but also shows that we are giving our full attention to our co-workers. We aren’t half listening to them whilst trying to read an email or dividing our attention between them and our smartphone. We are engaged, we are listening, we are ready to help. We show respect to every colleague, every day, even when we are busy.

I truly believe that these small acts can make a big difference. How you approach one thing should be how you approach everything. At ubu, we approach everything with quality in mind. We have quality core values, quality people and quality systems. It is because of this that we can confidently say we provide quality services.

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