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Seventh Day of ubu Christmas: Our Homemade Christmas Card Competition

Today we are celebrating Christmas with a competition for best homemade card. The idea of making or printing Christmas cards started in Britain a long time ago, actually in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole who interestingly also help set up the Post Office. It didn’t take long for both of his ideas to become popular. We are pretty sure that Sir Henry never delivered any Christmas cards that were nearly as good as the ones we’ve seen made by the people we serve.

We had pictures of Christmas cards that everyone has been making from almost all the areas that ubu serves and enables people. We were of course impressed by the quality and standard of the entries for the competition, but most of all that people we serve had come together to enjoy being creative together. The video below is a gallery showcase of the entries we had for our Homemade Christmas Competition.

Andrew from Wigan is enabled by ubu and lives in a house with three other friends. “I have always enjoyed doing arts and crafts and making things” says Andrew. I was really happy to have a chance to have a go at the Christmas card competition.” The four friends got together for a card making session in their home, it was an excellent opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit and share the fun of creating something special.

“I wanted to make a Christmas card for my mum rather than buying one from a shop” says Andrew “I think it makes it more personal.” We think that Andrew’s Mum will be happy to receive the lovely card he has made for her because so much thought and effort went into it.

David says he wanted to make a Christmas card for his brother Peter when he next comes to visit. “I chose the colours and coloured the picture on the front of my card. I asked for a bit of help with writing the message inside and I was really chuffed with what I made.”

Alan says “I was looking forward to making something together with my friends and I chose to make a Christmas card. I picked the colours and the ubu enablers helped me with the writing. I’m going to put it in my flat when I get the rest of my Christmas decorations up. I really enjoyed spending time with the other people that live in the house, we had a very productive afternoon!”

Andrew G wanted to make a Christmas card for his sister Helen. “When I heard that the other fellows in my house were getting together to make some Christmas crafts I really wanted to join in. We had a lot of fun that afternoon, laughing and joking and making something nice to give to people.”

“I drew the picture on the front of my card and coloured it in, I hope my sister loves the card as much as I liked making it for her."

Our winner of the Christmas Card Competition in Hayley who is also from Wigan and enabled to live more independently by ubu. Hayley made this stunning three-dimensional card which we think that you will agree is brilliantly bright and beautiful!

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Why not, sit back and read more about some of our great successes.

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