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Selling Our Home in Lockdown

We finally did it, we made the decision to sell our home and move. The estate agent had been chosen, photographs and videos created, the sign went up at the front. Its official, we are really doing this. Then….. Covid-19 took its grip, everything came to a standstill, we were in lockdown!

12 weeks later the sign is still at the front of the house, the garden has been revamped the shed has been cleared out and repainted, rooms in the house have been cleared (especially hubbies computer room!!).

Things have started to move, albeit slowly but things are moving again. Viewings once again can take place and we have our first one this week. The weekend has been taken up by me cleaning from top to bottom, dressing rooms that aren’t in use, preparing those that are and trips to the tip.

My husband will be there for the viewing, he has had his orders, hover around, spray all carpets with disinfectant and wipe all handles with antibac wipes. Straighten the cushions and open all doors.

He will not be in the house, oh no, he will be walking the dog whilst a stranger in mask and gloves is shown around, not touching or moving anything. And when they have finished everywhere will be disinfected again.

Will it be worth it? Who knows, but I suppose we better start looking for our next home to move onto the next chapter of our lives.

What a strange time it is, in years to come I am sure we will look back and smile, did that really happen?

Anne Bahado

Stay safe everyone x



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