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Sad Times Happy Memories

This is the day this awful virus took our beautiful-Crazy-Lovely Mum she died after battling this for 8 days. The most heartbreaking thing was I could not be there to hold her hand give her a kiss and say Goodbye. Then not being able to see my lovely sisters to be there to hug and comfort each other. This amazing lady could only have 5 people at her funeral leaving her grandchildren who she loved so much Heartbroken at not being able to be there. My mum was the most wonderful person ever. But the one thing the VIRUS can’t take away are the happy memories. Like when my nieces decided that nans false teeth could do with glitter nail varnish, so she had a glittery smile. And when we had water fights and mum would say not to throw water in the house. Then would do it herself we would all end up wet though and laughing all the time. But when we can there will be a wonderful celebration of my mums lifes with all her family and friends there.

Christine Murray


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