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Remote working

I would like to share my experience of remote working. At first I found really quite difficult, I felt very isolated and disconnected from my teams and felt I wasn’t able to do my job properly working from home. I spent time familiarising myself with Microsoft Teams and Zoom and helped enablers, people we serve and family members to do the same. New ways of working always take some getting used to but as we all became more familiar with using Microsoft Teams and Zoom

everyone has agreed these programs are a really effective way to communicate as you can pick up body language, facial expressions etc and it’s almost as good as being in the same room. Staff teams and myself feel I am there, albeit virtually but still there. As time has gone on I find myself communicating more with teams than I used to on some occasions as I am consciously making the effort to have my virtual presence, to be there for the people we serve and the enablers and know what is going on and how people are. Support sessions feel more productive as people are in a comfortable environment and the supervisor isn’t reading a list of questions off the laptop, it feels a more natural conversation.

Team meetings also run better (after a few practice meetings!), everyone shows respect for each other and lets each other speak, and it saves people having to come in to service for an hour on their day off. I also feel I am communicating more effectively with my service manager colleagues in the north west as we have regular meetings and catch ups with each other which previously would have been done on over the phone.

John Armitage


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