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Personal Experiences of Lockdown

Lockdown is different for each and everyone of us. Our journey through this is completely unique; I have a friend who is furloughed trying to fill her days but struggling to find new things to clean!

Another friend is a mum and she is having to juggling teaching with working and maintaining a house. My third friend a psychologist going in and out of Bristol hospital, her sister a doctor on the front line who has just recovered from Covid-19. Then there is me! Our stories are so different. Our experience of this time will vary. There is no right or wrong way to navigate our way through this time but for me, the most important thing is to be able to look back on this uncertain time and be able to say “I did the best for those I love and care about, including myself”.

I believe each of us have to find our reason “why” we are going to get through this whether it’s for our family, our friends, or to get on that holiday to Wales – or wherever - that we’ve put off until “a more convenient time”. We must look forward.

I am fortunate. I know that. I am in lockdown with my two best friends – my husband and my dog – Reggie. My family and friends are in good health, which I hope continues.

However at the beginning of this journey I went through various emotions, concerned and anxious what might happen because of this but I soon realised all I can do, all I can control, is what I do each day and try and make each one positive for myself, Gary and Reggie and help my family and friends when needed. I have had more time to connect with my friends over different apps but I have also found myself “checking in” more with them. To listen on the hard days and to try laugh through the even harder ones and thank goodness for delivery drivers for the horrendous days when I can send a little pick me up to brighten up their day. I have found having a routine is helpful. I am lucky enough to be still working and on a weekend I am caring for my great uncle, doing his shopping, cleaning his house and making him a hot meal. Something I was scared to do in case initially I pass something on – but he is grateful. Thankful for the food I take and for those days when I notice those little hints to just spend that little longer to chat. He especially loves it when Reggie visits – and Reggie enjoys it too now he knows where the doggy treats are kept! I need to take care of myself though. None of the above is possible if I do not take that bit of time for me. I’ve never been one for workouts or meditation as such, however I am finally picking up the books that I never had time to read and started watching the films I’ve been told so many times to watch “because it’s a classic”. I now have to look after myself, Gary and Reggie and this is my “why” – so when the time comes I can go and see my family, who are only a street away and my in-laws who are a little further afield so I can hug each one of them a little bit longer and a little bit tighter and be grateful we made it through together.

Rebecca Wort


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