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Outside my 4 walls

Tick…tock, tick…tock, TICK…TOCK… that constant sound, relentlessly invading my ear drums and the sight of these same 4 walls are infuriating me, I wish someone would set me free from this cell I call home…

I have been living in my own flat with ubu for 5 years now, when I was younger I was diagnosed with Autism, learning disability and epilepsy, so as I was growing up life wasn’t at all an easy journey. I interpret the world differently to a lot of other people, I extract so much information from around me that sometimes my senses and thoughts just can’t keep up and I can react in a variety of emotional ways.

Maybe I should just keep myself tucked away in my flat forever. That’s what I thought up until a year ago.

Sit, eat, watch TV, sleep. Sit, eat, watch TV, sleep. This routine, over and over again was not the life for me. I had really had enough, I was angry all the time I wasn’t allowing myself to enjoy what was beyond my flat window, I needed help. My ubu enabling team believed in me and were patient, they devised a plan that would let me experience the world around me in a new light.

This wasn’t an easy feat, it took some time for me to get used to the world that was right outside my safe flat walls but I wanted it so badly that the struggle was all worth it. One step at a time I thought to myself, and before I knew it I was at the far end of the garden path looking back at my flat with a face full of joy.

A year on I now regularly go out for walks in my local park, take my bins out and it has even motivated me to start being more independent in my own flat and it feels just so refreshing, the stress I was once experiencing has now drifted away in the breeze. That’s not the end of my tale though, oh no, I hope to soon be 5 feet off the ground at a trampoline park!

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