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  • Theo Chatzakis

My travel training journey

All aboard

Hi, my name is Rosann, I am going to tell you about my travel training journey.

I want to be more independent by going to different places by myself, I asked my enabling team to help me find a course that would benefit me in getting my independence and being confident when travelling on my own.

My enabling team and I found a course through People in Action it was a 12-week course, called Independence Lives. I contacted the course leader with my support I introduced myself and asked what we would be doing in those 12 weeks.

On my first day, I went with my enabler, I was nervous and shy as it was my first time, but I had reassurance from my support and once we got started, I loved it! We went through what a safe place is such as a police station, hospital, and doctors.

Throughout the course we then learned how to plan long journeys on the bus or train such as what time the bus/train is, tell someone where you are going and what time you will be back, carry your phone with you, and have your bus/train passes, taking medication with you.

During the course we planned journeys to Headingly, Harrogate, and York and then had to put it into practice, I was nervous at the start buy but my confidence has grown, I have gained new skills and also made new friends.

I had to complete course work throughout and I have completed the 12 weeks and have only gone and passed my course and got a certificate, I am over the moon. I am now planning to go to Scarborough and will use all that I have learned whilst doing this course and I am very excited.

Rosann is standing proud with her certificate.

Safe travels and we can't wait to see all the places you visit.



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