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My Reflection on the Current Situation

Before this all began, I remember feeling scared, nervous and did not know what these coming months would have in store for each of us. I could not say we would all be safe because I could not guarantee it as ultimately it was out of my hands. However, with how we have acted as a company and acted early and positively and made the tough choices such as going in to lockdown earlier than the rest of the country, I can say that I am proud. The people we serve where I work in my opinion are safe. The enablers who work there are safe. They have the right guidance, the right PPE and the right attitude to keep themselves are others safe. So, for this I am thankful that through this pandemic the people we serve ultimately and kept in a good frame of mind. They have been kept busy with numerous in-house activities but also been kept informed of what is next and to come. I am now optimistic that this is a challenge albeit a difficult one that we will come out of stronger.

Liam Robinson


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