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  • Theo Chatzakis

My new job!

Hi, my name is Wayne and I wanted to share some exciting news with you. I have been looking for a job recently and I have been to Leeds city centre with my enabler Amal for an interview and assessment at the Cancer Research charity shop.

I was a bit nervous at first, but Amal helped calm my nerves and we talked about what was expected before I went in. He came with me to the interview helping me to get to know the bus route. When I arrived the manager at the store was lovely and she showed me what I needed to do, she spent time getting to know me and then assessed my skills in the shop so that she could decide if this would be the right opportunity for me. Today she spoke to me and guess what?

I received the fantastic news that I have been accepted as a store assistant helping out with organising the clothes and helping the customers that come in. I am so happy and I plan to celebrate this weekend, my first shift is next week and I going to go with Amal who will help me settle in, I can’t wait!

Wayne stands proud in front of his new workplace.


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