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My Lockdown Blog

Matt Emmott, Sales Director by day, husband and best friend of Claire. (Glad I don't actually work for Claire though!)

My Lockdown Blog

I don’t usually write blogs, but then again, I don’t usually do lots of things that I am doing right now.

I find it interesting how the world can change it’s language and the words that become almost throw away common in such a short space of time, such as Lockdown, Social Distancing, Shielding, Death Rates, Unprecedented and obviously you cannot ignore COVID-19.

It seems we are literally at war or at least on a war like footing and never did the term PPE become so exciting or so it seems. Will everything go back to how it used to be? Actually, do we want it to?

Aside the negative outcomes of this global pandemic, there are elements that we actually might want to keep and maintain and reflect back on when all of this is over. Like I said, I don’t usually do blogs or other things and here are my take-aways of what ‘other things’ that I and many others might like to keep or maintain.

WFH – not as bad as it seems, being around the house and the family has been great and I haven’t been half as grumpy as I thought I would, although some might not see the difference!

Pace of life is different, slower, and more considered. I am usually dashing off at 6am and driving 115miles to the office to do a 12hr day or catching the train to London to see a client. In stark contrast, I am thinking more, doing less reacting and being more proactive.

Family life is like winding the clock back 30 or more years and to be honest it’s great and why would we ever not want to be around our families, baking, cooking from scratch using the old Be-Ro Cooking book (even Joe has been cooking – if you call burning a toastie in a frying pan at 2am ‘cooking’), but non-the-less, going back to more traditional family values is amazing and should not be forgotten.

What do you want to keep or maintain?

Matt Emmott


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