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  • Theo Chatzakis

My first day on the job

Hi, everyone, my name is Jonathan and this is me on my first day at my voluntary job at a Furniture store for Slate Leeds in Hunslet.

I have worked here before on a taster session and absolutely loved it and I wanted it to become more regular so I spoke with my enabling team and the manager of the shop and asked the question.

I then spoke to my social worker and the manager where I lived, and everyone agreed this would something positive for me to do. So then the wheels were put into motion to get the funding in place for me to go and here I am I work here 4 days a week, I go unsupported and I am so happy with this as it gives me my independence and it also gives me a purpose to get up something to look forward too, and it keeps me out of trouble and makes me feel part of the community.

On my first day, I was working on the shop floor with my supervisor and I sold a guitar, sofa and CDs to customers I was so chuffed with myself. I was also sorting out the big containers of furniture and putting these on the van to be sent for delivery to customers.

I can safely say I really enjoy working here and one day I hope it can turn into paid employment.



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