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My COVID-19 blog

This has been a difficult time for us all, we have worried about the people we serve, our staff teams as well as our own families, I have 2 parents over 70 and I have been telling them they have to stay home at this time and cannot leave their house , I feel the roles have been reversed and I have now become the parent, telling them what will and is happening and ultimately when they can go out again.

When this first began I did not think that 6 weeks on my parents would still be shielding, we work each day to keep the people we serve safe so that their future looks good and that when the time is right we can begin again to be part of society, today is my parents 57th wedding anniversary and in stead of a day out for a treat they have spent the time together looking at old photo’s and sharing their memories and with a little help from face time and zoom we are able to share their memories as well as ours of them.

I speak to them every day and after each conversation I feel sad that I can’t just pop round, I can’t take them out to celebrate but I know that all my actions and decisions that I am making for them will keep them safe so we can all be part of their 58th Wedding Anniversary.

Amanda Wells


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