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  • Theo Chatzakis

My community involvement

My name is Andrew, I love chatting with people, and being a part of the community is important to me. To increase my community involvement, I have been volunteering at a local cafe called Mint Lane Cafe.

This café supports people who are homeless and in need. I enjoy spending time volunteering here and the staff at the cafe often praise my involvement and enjoyment. When I first started volunteering, I mainly washed dishes and served food and drink to customers. More recently I have been helping to sort through the produce which is donated to the Café for use- this reduces food waste in the local area.

The produce is donated in boxes which I then sort through and organise for the Café so that the boxes can be given back and reused. I’m learning a lot about recycling, reusing, and other new skills, I’ve got another exciting volunteering opportunity coming up soon… watch this space!



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