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Life is a beautiful thing that everyone gets to enjoy and as each year goes by we create more and more memories of times with loved ones, special events, personal achievements and a plethora of other things that make our experiences in life unique to us. Here are some stories from the people supported by ubu about their unique memories.

Kate’s Story:

I’m Kate and I live in Leigh supported by ubu. To give you a bit of back story I love to reminisce; whether it’s about grand days out with my family, the mischief I got up to when I was younger or just some fantastic shows that used to be on the Telly, it’s me sharing my world with those around me. Though there is one thing, or should I say one person, I think about a lot more than anything and that’s my mum. I remember all the great laughs we used to have, the places we used to go and the feeling like no other of listening to the great Daniel O’Donnell together.

Well, this year, I celebrated my 50th birthday and I wanted to do something special. With my Enabling Team supporting me I booked an overnight stay in a rather lovely hotel located in Southport. Why Southport you ask? Along with the hotel I also booked tickets to see none other than… Daniel O’Donnell himself! To say I was excited was definitely an understatement.

When the day finally arrived I travelled on the train to Southport with one of my Enabling Support Workers. I was glad that we didn’t have to go to A&E before we arrived at the hotel as I thought I might have chatted her ear off! Once everything had been unpacked it was time get ready. With a dazzling new outfit on accompanied by gorgeous perfume, stunning hair and fabulous make-up it was time to make our way to the theatre.

After buying some memorabilia I went to my seat, waiting ever so giddily for Mr O’Donnell to arrive on stage. When the lights went out and he started to sing I was mesmerised! I listened to all the songs I didn't know and sang along to all the ones I did. I loved every second of it. And what would he play as the last song? Only my Uncle’s favourite song, "How Great Thou Art"! But to top it all off when he sang the line "I see the stars", thousands of sparkling lights shine all over the theatre, just like a night sky. It was beautiful.

Now, you may of thought that this was the end of my wonderful experience, but you would be wrong! I only went and managed to meet Daniel O’Donnell in person! We had a great chat about my Uncle and I had my picture taken with him. Although I have to say it was nothing compared to the hug and kiss on the cheek I got before I left!!! It’s a birthday I will never forget and a memory that will be with me forever!

Edith’s Story:

Recently Edith celebrated a very special birthday, reaching a fantastic age of 90! With support from her Enabling team she celebrated it just the way she wanted to! The team helped to organise her birthday cake, food and refreshments for her party, sending invites to her friends and family and making sure the venue that was booked looked magical for her special day.

On the day of Edith’s party many of her friends and family gathered together to celebrate her life, looking back on grand memories with the help of some photo albums her Enabling team had put together. There was so much laughter and joy that filled the room and her nephew was amazed by all the effort that had been put into the party, thanking the team for the great support they had provided. Edith had been supported by ubu since 2002, making many happy memories and lifelong friends along the way but as the years progressed the team supporting her realised she needed more specialist care and she eventually moved into a new home.

We are glad that her last birthday supported by ubu was celebrated in style and to this day she still has lots of contact with her old Enabling team. We are all wishing you the best success in your new adventure!

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