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Lockdown Life From My Eyes

My name is Sandra, since March 2020 my life has changed so much, I used to be very active, going out to church, to social groups, to work. Since lockdown I have some days felt in a low mood I haven’t always wanted support as I get scared the virus will get to me.

Occasionally I will have support but have been doing things more independently I just want the virus to go now and get back to normal.

I miss my family lots but have managed to keep in contact with them I even do a window visit with my cousin. I enjoy this although it is strange waving through the window.

I have been keeping my flat extra clean all staff have really praised me for this. I have a little cleaning routine I like to follow. I love corridor bingo with everyone I live with, we all play bingo from our doors. I love this and the atmosphere but secretly I’m hoping I win haha.

I have been making crafts, painting posters for the corridors to cheer everyone up and brightening the place up. Recently I’ve started doing gardening too with my friend Liz. We have potted and planted plants all down the corridor and windowsills these look bright and beautiful. We did make sure we stuck to social distancing. I can’t wait till I can hug my friends again though. I am looking forward to the end of lockdown going out for a day and for a meal out with all my friends. I am remaining positive and hopefully this will happen soon. Thank You Sandra

Sandra Claxton


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