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Such a little word, such huge implications. This has brought out the worst in some people and the best in others. It has been seen in ubu that the best in both staff and people we serve have been brought to the surface in an almost Churchillian attitude of the “We will fight them on the beaches” ilk.

This has brought staff teams together as never before, supporting each other. When one falters a little, the rest rally and collect them up to carry on. The people we serve have been patient, supportive of each other, willing to try new and different activities, all with humour and tolerance of each other.

We have got into the routine of going to the bottom of the drive each Thursday to clap for the NHS, listened to the Queen’s speech and, one person is making scrubs for the NHS with support. Who would have envisaged at the beginning of March that any of this would have been happening without any prompts or persuasion?

Never before have people been more tolerate of others in a small community and supported each other as they are now. Never before have people been more patient and willing to wait a couple of minutes or been happy for their support to change a little when staff have been sick.

I look forward to Teamsing into the outside film show happening at Doddington Road on Sunday evening with everyone bringing their own blanket after a barbeque. Just hope it’s not raining!!

Alix Shinkins


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