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letters to my grandchildren

Every few months I would take the train, bus or car to visit my Grandchildren in Leeds from my home in Gloucester. With the onset of Covid-19 I have been unable to do this for some time. All my life I have liked to write letters to family and friends and so this has been one of the main ways I communicate with my Grandkids, its more than a letter it's personal to them and it may encourage them to reply to me, which the eldest Marcy does.

The letter can be kept and it's so much nicer than a text I feel to look back on in future years. As I have been missing out with the day to day living of the Grandchildren, they were doing new things and I wanted to be part of it. I missed being around them as they learnt new skills. Seeing Marcy riding her bike without stabilisers, running around a park. Missing parts of their lives that cannot be relived, even losing a tooth!

I miss holding them and the unbelievable hug I’m looking forward to getting when I arrive to visit them.

Gill Cornock


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