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Let’s Get Talking – Brew Monday

Let’s Get Talking – Brew Monday

The Samaritans are currently encouraging us all to get together and reach out to those we know as a good conversation helps to make us feel better and manage the ups and downs of life.

As they say particularly when it’s cold and grey outside, getting people together to connect over a warming cuppa does make a real difference and banishes those Winter blues

So why not arrange a Brew Monday event during January or February (or any other day that is good for you) or simply invite a friend for a cuppa and a chat.

This is also great reminder to us of the importance of talking and supports the recent ITV campaign Britain Get Talking which has highlighted how Talking and Listening can build mental wellness.

Please see a story below from one the people we support in North West and how talking helped them change their life.

Changing My Life

In June I was very low in mood and expressed to staff I was low and needed extra support, my staff would use any fre